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Indian Richest Youtubers and their Earnings


Indian Richest Youtubers and their Earnings

YouTube obtaining the initial dominant video streaming service in India and growing rapidly with its content and penetrations beyond Tier -II and Tier-III cities in India, Youtube also bets on paid subscription service for value and on the other hand you can also take advantage from Google AdSense where in India Youtube gives 1$ for every 1000 views . Thousands of peoples have started Youtube as a career where they can easily earn 10k-20k every month with the help of Google AdSense.

Also, Youtube thanked Reliance Jio, which began services in September 2016, has helped to drive data consumption in the country with its 4G-only network.

Here lets talked about Indian Richest Youtubers.


1) Carry Minati

Carry Minati or Ajey Nagar started his YouTube career in December 2010 where he uploaded videos of playing video Games, football tricks and computer tutorials. He then started the channel ‘Addicted A1’ in 2014. His first video when he roasted BB Ki Vines where he got 50k subscribers in a month. He recently completed 4 Million views on Youtube successfully. Carry also got an invitation from youtube FanFest where he performs stage performance and engages an audience. He also roasts Dhinchak pooja, Omprakash Mishra, Deepak Kalal, Legend Noman Khan etc and they received FAME from Carry Minati. Carry minati has also interest in music and singing. He composes “Eh Rupali”, “Charas ganja Merko Pyara”, “Eh Rupali part 2″ and “insaan he insaan ko manta nhi

Carry Minati Earnings:

Carry Minati having 423,018,045 (as of 28 Sept 2018) views which indicates that he can easily earn 3000-3500$ every month with the help of Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing from Paid promotion

2) Ashish Chanchlani Vines

Ashish Chanchlani is a popular Indian Youtuber. He was born on 7th December in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, India. His youtube channel name is Ashish Chanchlani Vines where he has 7M+ subscribers on Youtube.
Ashish is an engineering graduate and started his youtube career on 6th July 2019. He always wanted to be an actor when he was young. His first video on ” how to annoy people who say tu mere baap ko jaanta hai ?  ” got more than 2M views. He later got a chance to meet Avengers Infinity War where he had a huge discussion with Karen Gillan and others actors of Avengers infinity war. He also got a chance to meet one of the most dashing and honorable actor, Mr. Akshay Kumar, where he shoots a short video on ” When Ashish Chanchlani Met Akshay Kumar | GOLD“.

Ashish Chanchlani Earnings:

Ashish having 611,079,775 views (as of 28 Sept 2018) on youtube which means he can earn around 3000-4000K per month with the help of Google Adsense and other Paid promotion like musically etc.

3) BB Ki Vines

Bhuvan Bam is an Indian comedian, and YouTube most popular celebrity from Malviya Nagar, Delhi, India. He is known for his YouTube comedy channel BB Ki Vines where he performs the character of Mama, Papa, master etc. He shoots individual character separately and merges it later. BB has more than 9.4 million subscribers and over 1.2 billion views (as of 28 Sept 2018). The videos are filmed handling a front-facing camera on a phone by himself. He also won the award of most Popular Channel on YouTube at the WebTVAsia Awards 2016 held in Seoul, South Korea.
His source of earning was previously mainly from Live Musical Performances but now he also earns from Google Adsense. The reason behind his huge popularity lies in his individual writing skill and creativity.

BB Vines Earnings:

BB Vines having 1,258,579,064 views (as of 28 Sept 2018) on youtube which means he can earn approximately 7000-8000$ per month. Also, he is doing many live singing shows and performance respectively.


4) Technical Guruji

Technical Guruji is number 1 Tech Youtuber of India which is owned by “Gaurav Chaudhary”. He lives in Dubai and doing youtube as a part-time career. He created his channel on18th October 2015 recently completed 8M+ subscribers on Youtube with 763,625,374 total views (as of Sept 2018). His initials “Toh chaliye Shuru karte h” brings lots of people together. Gaurav having unique content which includes unboxing gadgets, tech toys, and tech news. He used to give tips on gadgets safety, the functioning of devices and much more. He uploaded more than 603 tech Talks on youtube. He also does brand promotion, affiliate marketing etc.

Technical GuruJi Earnings:

Technical Guruji having 763,625,374 total views (as of 28 Sept 2018) on youtube which means he can earn approximately 4000$-5000$ per month.



5) Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana is an Indian comedian and YouTube personality from Noida, Haryana. He born on 7 September 1994, also named Amit Bhadana. He started his channel on Oct 24, 2012, and has over 9.7 million subscribers with 617,449,111 views(as of 28 Sept 2018). He also won the National Academy Award.
He started youtube as a career with reply video to Adele’s song ‘Hello’ to his Facebook profile. Later he got a positive and good response from Adele’s reply video His dubbing video on Eminem also got viral and got millions of views. His video on Behan Bhai Ki School Life has almost 37M+ on youtube which engages most of the audience. He has a desi style and ascent which is attracted by lots of people.

Amit Bhadana Earnings:

Amit Bhadana having 617,449,111 total views (as of 28 Sept 2018) on youtube which means he can earn approximately 3500$-4500$ per month.


6) Make Joke Of

Make Joke of” is a Youtube channel created on Aug 1, 2017, which having animation content. MJO has almost 4M+ Subscribers and more than 426,184,952 views(as of Sept 2018). MJO is fastest growing youtube channel in India which entertain whole family and kids.
Basically, they are a group of engineers that actually disappointed from there job and they have skills in the field of animation and design. They having a unique Kanpur cartoonish voice which beaks all the record and gains 1M subscribers just within 1month. Admin of MJO lives in Kanpur and they are fully aware of the language and culture of Kanpur people. “CHACHA KE PATAKE” has almost 40M+ views and engagement on youtube.

MJO Earnings:

MJO having 426,184,952 total views (as of 28 Sept 2018) on youtube which means he can earn approximately 2500$-3000$ per month.


7) Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is a star among millions who strived, failed and climbed ahead in search of success. He is like any middle-class man who has many goals in life ahead. He has a very good attitude who taught many Indian meaning of life and success. He is one of the fastest growing entrepreneurs of India. He is also founder and CEO of Imagesbazaar. He is just 35 yrs old who loves to give a motivational live speech which is very inspirable for many people. he has done many freelancer photographer projects from 2002 to 2006. If we talked about his youtube career, he has more than 6M+ subscribers and 371,604,850 views (as of Sept 2018).
His video named “Akele Khush Rehna Seekho” has almost 6M+ views on youtube.

Sandeep Maheshwari Earnings:

If we talk about youtube only, with 6M subscribers and more than 371,604,850 views (as of Sept 2018). he can easily earn 1500$-2000$ from Google Adsense account.

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